Drink of the week: Tailgate Punch

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Well Packers Fans, here we are!  It’s the season opener.  We need to start at the one and only appropriate place: Tailgate Punch.  Here’s how you make it: Ingredients 1 quart blood orange soda, chilled 2 cups lemonade, chilled Two … Read More

Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad

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Being a diehard football fan does not mean you have to eat like a brute.  Here is a quick and healthy recipe that embraces the season of bountiful fresh produce broadly available at your local farmers market in late summer.  … Read More

Happy National Scotch Day

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On National Scotch Day (and on a great summer Saturday), we wanted to highlight the most famous Scotch cocktail around, the Rob Roy.  While it’s certainly possible to screw up this drink, it’s such a simple formulation that, with just … Read More

Jumping on the Moonshine Train

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One of the hottest trends in the spirits world in recent years has been Moonshine.  Why is moonshine making a comeback? Because it’s enjoyable. Because it hails from the days of the prohibition, and is therefore “cool.”  Moonshine is essentially … Read More

Happy National Cheese Day!

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On National Cheese Day, we wanted to share three cheese and cracker combos worth remembering when we get into tailgating season. The Anytime, Anywhere Combo Cheese: Gouda On: Carr’s Table Water Crackers and Oblong Water Crackers Pair with: sliced apple or hazelnuts Spice it up … Read More

Gin and Springtime

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There’s something special about gin and springtime. For those that want to ring in the warmer weather in class, try The Gibson (it’s Mad Men’s Roger Sterling’s go-to). • 2 oz. London dry gin • 3/4 oz. dry vermouth • … Read More

Horseshoe Margarita

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Sure, we love football! But other sports are exciting as well. Horse racing, for example. Until the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, it seemed that the one thing we could all agree upon was which horse won in a horse … Read More

Tips for an epic draft party

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The NFL draft is coming up later this week.  Here’s a few tips to make your NFL draft party epic: Make sure you have high-speed Internet capabilities is available during your NFL draft party.  Place username and password information out … Read More

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