Nothing but class . . .

One word that is repeated over and over with Bart Starr – Class. He was admired for his athletic achievement on the field and as an uncompromising gentleman off the field. Brett Favre’s quote this past week is a good synopsis:

“I think the thing that kind of tells you a lot about what type of guy he is, there wasn’t a game that I didn’t get a letter from him, whether it be complimenting me on how I played or the fact that we won, or ‘keep your chin up, it will get better,’” Favre said. “I mean, you think about the games that I played, that’s a lot of games. To get a personal note from Bart each and every time, I’m not gonna lie, it made me feel pretty special.”

This article from the Green Bay Press Gazette also a good summary:

Bart Starr poses for a portrait at his office in Birmingham,

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